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PurchaseSMS.Com 2 Way Messaging Service

Generate responses with a keyword on our short code number. Having a keyword on a short code number will increase your response rate, it’s easy to remember and a great tool for advertising and promotions.

Have a 2 way communication with your clients by registering a KEYWORD for your account and get all the replies to your inbox inside your control panel.

How it works? Its simple
1) Register a KEYWORD with PURCHASESMS.COM which suits your business
1) advertise the shortcode on your websites/blogs/forms/social media and etc
2) Ask your clients / Customers reply back to a short code mentioning your keyword ( Etisalat & DU )
3) Receive the instant replies straight to your inbox inside your control panel

Eg: reply your interest by submitting “KEYWORD” yes to 1111
Note: only 1 keyword can be activated per account

Rental Charges For Keyword @ AED 250 / Month

We register your KEYWORD with the operators of UAE and get it activated within 48 Hours

Contact our representatives for more information. +971-52-9945659