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  • What is Purchase sms?

Purchase sms is a platform to send bulk sms to promote your products and services to your customers / clients. This web based application will allow you to send bulk sms to the network operators.

  • How to get registered?

As of now, we are not allowing online registrations. But in case if you need to buy the sms credits to send bulk sms, you need to call us or mail us with your requirement on number of sms credits you need. Our sales team will send you the formal quotation and invoice and setup your account in minutes.

  • What is SMS credit?

1 sms is equal to 1 sms credit. If you want to send sms to 10,000 recipients / mobiles, you need to buy 10,000 sms credits.

  • How to send bulk sms?

One you have your login details, you can either create a group or add mobile contacts to it or you have a feature to upload the contacts and then follow the steps for sending bulk sms.

  • Can I have my company name or brand name or product name as Sender ID?

Yes, you can send SMS with your own Brand name or Product name or Company name. The maximum characters for the sender id are 11 Characters. What all you need to do is to send us a request for the desired sender id you need and we submit the request to the operator and get the approval within few working days

  • Do we need NOC for applying the sender id’s?

We need NOC ( No Objection Certificate ) from the companies who want to apply for sender ID’s. We apply sender ID’s with Etisalat & Du Networks in UAE. Approval of sender id’s is depends on the service providers and usually it takes 1 to 5 working days for the approval.

  • Can I make multiple groups?

Yes, you can make as many groups as you want.

  • Can I schedule a sms campaign?

Yes, you can schedule the sms campaign as per your desired TIME & DATE

  • What format of file should the contacts be?

The number format should be 97150xxxxxxx or 97155xxxxxxx or 97156xxxxxxx or 97152xxxxxxx. The file format should be .CSV or .TXT and the storing format of the numbers should be ….eg…





And so on….

Make sure you don’t have special symbols like “+” or no need to add “00” before the contacts

  • Can I get the delivery reports?

You can check your delivery reports from your REPORTS section in the control panel.

  • Do you have any Plug In’s?

Yes, we offer Web based sms, Excel plugin’s , Desktop messenger & API parameters.

  • Do you have any hidden charges?

No, we absolutely don’t have any hidden charges or service charges. Except that we charge for the Sender ID Activation FEE of AED 150 ( for UAE  ) , AED 650 ( for KUWAIT )

  • What is the length of the SMS?

160 characters for the English & 70 characters for the Arabic, this will be treated as 1 SMS. If you want to send long SMS, you can send a SMS as long as 600 Characters.

  • How to Purchase SMS?

You can call our sales representatives or send us your requirement and our concern department will send you the formal quotation and invoice. We accept Cash, Cheque & Bank Transfer.

  • How to contact us?

You can contact us on +971-52-9945659 or write us a email on info [at] purchasesms.com, you can also find our complete contact details on our contact us page

  • Can I send SPAM messages?

NO, we have ZERO tolerance on SPAM messages or harmful messages which can harm the reputation of a individual or a company, any account doing or sending SPAM messages will be terminated without notice.